Fright Night 2’s writer has been announced

Last Updated on July 23, 2021

So the other day we announced the principal actors of FRIGHT NIGHT 2. Based on the lack of returning cast members from FRIGHT NIGHT (2011) and a stand-alone synopsis, most fans have come to the conclusion that FRIGHT NIGHT 2 is actually a second remake. Now it has been announced that the premise is the brain child of none other than Matt Venne, the writer behind WHITE NOISE 2: THE LIGHT, MASTERS OF HORROR: PELTS, MIRRORS 2 and Stephen King’s BAG OF BONES.

Honestly, the more I report FRIGHT NIGHT 2 the more its key talent starts sounding like suspects on a movie crime rap sheet. That’s sort of unfair to these folks, I think, Matt Venne included. The FRIGHT NIGHT remake wasn’t exactly David Mamet and Venne clearly has an affinity for genre material. Maybe he and director Eduardo Rodriguez can squeeze some juice out of the story despite its appearance as a direct-to-video cash-in.

Anyway, I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ll be hearing from Charlie Brewster and the gang. So as always, be ready to welcome more FRIGHT NIGHT 2 news as it develops. For real.

Source: STYD

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