From Potter to Bond?

What’s a young actor to do once he finishes with a colossally successful franchise like HARRY POTTER? How about move to another globally recognized character?

There were some minor mumblings a few years back that boywizard Daniel Radcliffe was being pursued to portray famed spy James Bond in his formative years, based on a series of YOUNG BOND books by Charlie Higson. According to a source we’ll call ‘Average Kadavra’, there’s interest in the wand-waving thespian once again for the part… and the Radcliffe camp is in fact considering it.

The YOUNG BOND books tell of the future superagent’s college years in the 1930s to match Ian Fleming’s original Bond, though it’s assumed the movie stories would be refitted to fall more in line with the character’s latest screen incarnation.

While it’s understandable that Radcliffe, two POTTER pics away from graduation, might want to cement another almost-guaranteed franchise (those mansions don’t buy themselves!), it’s not like 007 needs the extra attention thanks to the recent reinvigoration from CASINO ROYALE. But perhaps the property owners want to piggyback on the success of Daniel Craig’s buff espionage bruiser.

Source: JoBlo

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