GenZeroes: Paul “Big Show” Wight to produce and co-star in sci-fi NFT series

Last month, it was announced that Aleks Paunovic of Hawkeye, Van Helsing, Battlestar Galactica (not the ’70s version), etc. will star in and executive produce the sci-fi series GenZeroes, which is going to be released as an NFT. Now Deadline brings word that wrestler Paul “Big Show” Wight has signed on to produce and co-star in the series.

Also joining the cast are Richard Harmon (The Return), Kandsye McClure (Children of the Corn 2009), Tahmoh Penikett (Battlestar Gallactica, still not the ’70s version), and Bethany Brown (The 100).

Van Helsing writers Matt Venables and Jeremy Smith are the showrunners on GenZeroes and will also be executive producing the series with Neil Stevenson-Moore. House of Kibaa is producing, with Kimani Ray Smith directing. The series will be set

200 years after an alien invasion has left the world devastated, where ten factions fight to control the future of humanity.

The first season’s ten live-action episodes will “be augmented by motion graphic comic books.” To watch GenZeroes, viewers will need to

purchase an NFT via the House of Kibaa website. The “GenZeroes Universe” includes a live-action series, comics, and collectibles. Each level of NFT ownership will endow different benefits with the top level allowing fractional ownership of the series. Producers tell us that negotiations are under way for the series to go to a wider platform for mainstream viewing after it has completed its run as an NFT release on the House of Kibaa website.

It’s good to know that it’s not intended to be solely an NFT show, because I’m not into that stuff at all.

Wight will be playing Thatch, “a warriors warrior and a natural leader when it comes to combat.” We also know that Harmon, McClure, Penikett, and Brown will be playing characters named Viggo, Skye, Ranger, and Bax, respectively… but since we don’t know anything about these characters that doesn’t mean much at this point.

Source: Deadline

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