Feast your eyes on an alternate ending for Sausage Party in new clip

Last Updated on August 2, 2021


SAUSAGE PARTY will probably go down with the likes of SWISS ARMY MAN as one of the most WTF movies of the year. The entire thing from beginning to end was one strange, vulgar, hilarious, sexually devious romp, all involving animated grocery items. But one of the most surprising moments of the movie was the ending in which the mystical Firewater (Bill Hader) reveals they're only cartoons, are actually voiced by actors like Seth Rogen and Edward Norton, and that they've found a way to travel into our world. Bet the folks making TOY STORY never thought of that shit, huh?

Anyway, the movie ends with the gang going into a STARGATE-style machine which will lead them into the human world. This hints at a sequel, which may be a possibility, but with this new clip we there was much more to it, and in it we see…ah, just watch for yourself.

Though it’s a funny concept I don’t know where they were planning to go with this. It feels less like an ending and more a beginning to a whole other movie, so it’s probably best they cut it. Still, it would make for a pretty interesting sequel, and Lord only knows what new, depraved heights they could soar to. Alas, we can only dream. 

Check out more goodies when the movie comes out on Blu-ray November 8.

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