Ghost Trek premieres new episode at Mad Monster Party

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Arrow readers living near Charlotte, NC will be pleased to know that an all-new, half-hour uncensored episode of GHOST TREK will be priemiering at Mad Monster Party 2013 on Saturday, March 23rd at 7 PM at Mad Monster Party in Charlotte, NC at the Blake Hotel.

The sleeper hit of Fright Night Film Fest 2011 and winner of “Best Comedy” which aired in webisodes last Halloween on Dread Central returns to Mad Monster Party 2013 with an all-new episode. The wordy but wholly appropriate, GHOST TREK: GOOMBA BODY SNATCHERS MORTUARY LOCKDOWN (and panel show) premieres at Mad Monster Party in Charlotte, NC at the sold out Blake Hotel. The new episode lampoons everything from GOODFELLAS to GHOST ADVENT, Robert Mapplethorpe to “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” and is absolutely hilarious.

In the Goomba Body Snatchers episode, the GHOST TREK fans are lined up around the block to attend a panel show and live broadcast hosted by Rick Weiner of the Real Divorcees of Los Angeles County. Scary Carrie continues her unrelenting haze on the newbie, Jules Partridge. Zeke is called out about his tryst with Svetlana on live TV. Clairvoyant Guy Swisher visits via satellite from the set of Psychic Brats. Joey Mayhem has bad luck when his partner, The Bomb, isn’t around – he’s accidentally dosed with a heaping helping of mushroom-laced omelets right before lockdown. The Gamibini & Sons Mortuary is haunted by a high profile bondage photographer and notorious mob enforcer – both dismembered and sold to biomed companies by a mad junkie doctor. Weasel and Ray-Ray bang their heads in a musical number. Sound crazy? It is. Very.

The newest episode is written and directed by Michael G. Plumides, Jr., with additional material directed by Robert Filion, and produced by Plumides, Chris Pittman, Robert Filion, and Justin Kates. Executive Producers are Michael G. Plumides and Anne Saunders.

The Mad Monster Party convention will also feature some kick ass guests: Bruce Campbell, Kirk Hammett of Metallica, Alexa Vega, Gary Busey, Danny Glover, Lea Thompson, Lita Ford, Peter Chris of KISS, Danielle Harris, Tyler Mane, Kane Hodder, a JAWS Reunion, a CABIN FEVER Reunion and many more.

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