Halle Berry hilariously wonders why The Call is number one on Netflix nearly 10 years after its release

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What I love about Halle Berry is that she’s always in on the joke and isn’t afraid to initiate it. When her Catwoman misfire trended on Twitter last year, she poked fun at all of the love and now the actress is seeing another one of her films from nearly ten years ago getting a big resurgence on Netflix by hitting the number one spot on the streamer.

Berry came across Netflix’s Top 10 most-watched list and she found 2013’s The Call at number one (it has since fallen to number 5). The Call stars Berry as Jordan Turner, a veteran 911 operator that takes a life-altering call from a teenage girl who has just been abducted. The abduction is linked to a killer from her past and now she has to conquer her fears to save the girl’s life. The film was a moderate hit, grossing $51.8 million domestically and $68.5 million worldwide on a $13 million budget but it was one of those movies that came and went without much thought. Now, ten years later, it looks like people are rediscovering it again and Berry took to Twitter to hilariously call out the film’s second wind.

There are also some pretty funny responses to Berry’s Twitter post within the thread. The Netflix official page got in on some of the fun while her fans said that the wig she sports in the film has the power in itself to make this all happen. You can check out some of the responses below!


Some speculation for the film reaching number one is that it is Telecommunications Week, which shows love and support to dispatchers. This could very well be why the movie is seeing a bump on Netflix and some Twitter users did take notice of that.


Whatever the case may be for The Call coming into the consciousness again, Halle Berry sees it, she enjoys it, and she’s having a blast sharing the news with her fans.

Are YOU a fan of The Call?

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