Haunting Melissa gets a teaser

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

You guys might remember the news we brought to your attention a couple of weeks ago about Neal Edelstein's newly formed Hooked Digital Media, a next-generation production company that aims to bring a great story through quality film-making for tablet and mobile devices through its app. The first horror story on tap is HAUNTING MELISSA which is now available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and you can now download the first chapter for free on the app store right now. If you need a bit of convincing just check out the first teaser below because it's actually pretty damn creepy.

HAUNTING MELISSA is written by best-selling author Andrew Klavan (“True Crime”, “Don’t Say A Word”) and features a talented cast that includes Kassia Warshawski as Melissa Strogue, Travis Nelson as Brandon, Barb Mitchell as Katherine Strogue, Jasmine Berg as Holly, Greg Lawson as Jack Strogue, Larry Reese as Mike Cole, Christian Laurian Kerr as Carter, Lisa Moreau as Amanda Maynard and Lorette Clow as Dr. Carroway.

Give it a try right HERE.

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