Hitman trailer hits!

Fox has asked us to remove this trailer from our site and we have
done so. Visit
at 5pm (pacific) today to check it out over there. Sorry for the

It’s always nice to pass along a “first look” to our dedicated JoBlo.com readers and we’ve got a doozy today. I came damn close just about two weeks ago to being able to deliver a great trailer exclusive, but sadly that fell through. As disappointed as I was with that situation I was even more devoted to getting you fine people something kick-ass. Today, we’re happy to bring to you the first look at the trailer of a movie we’ve been following for some time: HITMAN. Fox is releasing the film this October, the trailer will be in theaters this week with LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD and you can get a first look at the film right now. It’s actually a pretty well made trailer – it’s not often you hear “Ave Maria” in a movie trailer and it’s a nice touch. Not a lot of industrial/metal blaring above non-stop action shooting, explosions and kicking. That said, I could do without that spinning text-over. Still, color me impressed. You check it out for yourself below and share you thoughts with your fellow readers.


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