Hollywood Road to Success: Chris Pratt (video)

I remember spending some evenings in my youth watching The WB on TV with my mom. It was full of teen dramas and one of the shows we watched was called EVERWOOD. On the first episode ever, my mother instantly pointed to a young unknown actor named Chris Pratt, who played a bully jock dude. My mother stated, “Who is that? He’s good. That young man will probably become a big movie star someday.” I told her that she had no idea what she was talking about. “Quiet, mom! I’m trying to watch this compelling teen drama!” But I would soon find out that my mother is always right… especially when it comes to Chris Pratt. A few years later, this unknown actor has a hit television show and a few major blockbusters under his belt. Chris Pratt is now a household name. But at the beginning of his career this household name didn’t even have a house. That’s right, this superstar went from rags to riches and is now guarding the galaxy with the best of them. Hopefully Pratt’s story will inspire someone and show them that anything is possible on the HOLLYWOOD ROAD TO SUCCESS. Who should our next video be about? 

Source: JoBlo.com

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