A demon box proves tough to open in Devil's Whisper clip

Devil's Whisper Adam Ripp

I have to say, if I found a box somewhere that was so tough to open that it would require being cut into with a bandsaw, I wouldn't even bother. Maybe I'd be missing out on treasure or something, but at least I know I wouldn't be unleashing demonic forces.

Unfortunately, the lead character in Adam Ripp's horror film DEVIL'S WHISPER is more determined to find out "what's in the box" than I would be, and that's how you end up with a story like this:

A 15-year-old boy from a Catholic family dreams of becoming a priest. When he discovers a mysterious box, he unwittingly releases a demonic force that threatens to destroy him and his dreams.

Paul Todisco and Oliver Robins (yes, the same Oliver Robins who played Robbie Freeling in POLTERGEIST and POLTERGEIST II: THE OTHER SIDE) wrote the screenplay for the film, which stars Luca Oriel, Marcos Ferraez, Tessie Santiago, Jasper Polish, Rick Ravanello, Coy Stewart, Justin Tinucci, Benjamin A. Hoyt, Luna Maya, Alexander Ward, and Alison Fernandez.

Below we have a clip from DEVIL'S WHISPER that seems to show the exact moment when some sawing releases the demonic force from the box that has been holding it captive.

If you'd like to see the rest of DEVIL'S WHISPER, the DVD can be purchased on Amazon. If you don't want to buy the disc right now, the movie will also be receiving a VOD release on November 14th.

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