A killer stalks and slashes in My Little Sister clip

My Little Sister Roberto del Piccolo Maurizio del Piccolo

Wild Eye Releasing has brought the world a new backwoods slasher with the VOD release of MY LITTLE SISTER, from directors Maurizio and Roberto del Piccolo. The movie is now available for viewing through multiple VOD outlets, including inDemand, Comcast, Vudu, Fandango Now, Amazon Instant, and Google Play.

To help promote the VOD release, a clip from the film has been released online to show its slasher in action, claiming a new victim and stalking another.

Astrid Di Bon, Holli Dillon, Antonio Pauletta, Sofia Pauly, Mattia Rosellini, and Saverio Percudani star in MY LITTLE SISTER, which has the following synopsis: 

Against all warnings, a group of friends go camping in the woods where it's rumored a deformed killer named Little Sister preys. One by one they learn the gruesome truth of this urban legend, as they venture deeper into the monster's lair.

The clip can be viewed below, and is followed by the film's trailer. If you like what you see, seek out MY LITTLE SISTER on VOD. It looks quite familiar, but the slasher sub-genre is my favorite and I'm always happy to see new entries being added to it. Familiar is welcome sometimes.

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