A team of Japanese comediennes have covered the Ghostbusters theme

Tomochika Oniyakko Tsubaki Naomi Watanabe Shizuyo Yamasaki Ghostbusters

Last week, the version of the GHOSTBUSTERS theme that Fall Out Boy and Missy Elliott have done for the new film didn't go over so well with me. I much prefer the music video that Sony Pictures Japan posted on their YouTube channel a couple days ago.

Like director Paul Feig's upcoming reboot, this music video features a Ghostbusters team made up of four females, but instead of Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones, here we have Japanese comediennes Tomochika, Oniyakko Tsubaki, Naomi Watanabe, and Shizuyo Yamasaki busting ghosts while performing a cover of the original GHOSTBUSTERS theme song, Ray Parker Jr.'s "Ghostbusters".

Apparently this is a piece of official marketing for Feig's movie in Japan, and I found it very entertaining for its nostalgic appeal with a Japanese twist.

The GHOSTBUSTERS reboot hits theatres on July 15th. Tomochika, Oniyakko Tsubaki, Naomi Watanabe, and Shizuyo Yamasaki's "Ghostbusters" can be enjoyed right now:

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Source: SlashFilm



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