Adam Green's Victor Crowley tie-in book I, Survivor coming in August

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After playing characters who were murdered by swamp-dwelling slasher Victor Crowley in HATCHET and HATCHET II, actor Parry Shen finally made it through a HATCHET movie when he played paramedic Andrew Yong in HATCHET III. Shen reprised the role of Yong in the fourth installment in the franchise, VICTOR CROWLEY, and in that film Yong had written an autobiography titled I, SURVIVOR.

Now HATCHET creator Adam Green has teamed up with author Joe Knetter to turn I, SURVIVOR into a real book that fans will soon be able to own a copy of.

I, SURVIVOR is Andrew Yong's 

firsthand account of surviving the horrific 2007 Honey Island Swamp Massacre that left over 40 people butchered in the Louisiana bayou.  From Yong’s childhood as a meek outcast with dreams of becoming a rock star… to the terrible car accident that changed his life’s direction… to his intense love affair and heartbreaking marriage with TV talk show host Sabrina Caruthers… to his terrifying near death encounter with local legend Victor Crowley… to defending his life in the trial of this century… I, SURVIVOR reveals all of the shocking, gruesome, and heartbreaking details of Yong’s life story.

Fans who attended the VICTOR CROWLEY theatrical tour were able to pre-order exclusive hard cover copies of I, SURVIVOR, and those are expected to begin shipping out by August 13th.

For those of us who missed the tour, a soft-cover edition can now be pre-ordered online. Green is offering autographed copies of the 250 page (give or take) book on his website for the price of $30. If you'd like to order one, head over to Ariescope.com. (There are also some stray copies of the hard cover available there for $50.)

The soft-cover edition has a release date of August 31st. The digital version of I, SURVIVOR doesn't have a release date yet, but it's coming soon. There will also be an audiobook, read by Parry Shen in character as Andrew Yong, and that will be released this Christmas.

I think it's awesome that Green decided to turn I, SURVIVOR into a real book. I will be picking up a copy for sure - although I might hold out for the audiobook so I can hear the story being told by Andrew Yong himself.

Extra Tidbit: Will you be buying I, SURVIVOR?
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