Annabelle Wallis might join Tom Cruise in The Mummy

THE MUMMY is officially a go with Tom Cruise in the lead. If he can't make Universal's non-starter monster revival franchise get off the ground, nobody can.

The cast is also beginning to flesh out, unlike the titular mummy. We already know that KINGSMAN's Sofia Boutella is signed on, but ANNABELLE's aptly-named star Annabelle Wallis is currently in talks to join them.

The actress, who also stars in Peaky Blinders and is set to appear in the upcoming Sacha Baron Cohen flick THE BROTHERS GRIMSBY, is still fresh meat so this casting decision might have the power to make or break her career. ANNABELLE was a solid hit, but if she can get another under her belt, she'll be golden.

Unwrap THE MUMMY on June 9, 2017. Alex Kurtzman is directing and producing the film, which is part of Universal's massive plan to creature a shared universe with their "Classic Monsters" characters. PROMETHEUS co-writer Jon Spaihts is tapping out the script.

Sofia Boutella
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Source: Deadline



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