Tom Cruise officially boards The Mummy, which gets a new release date

Universal has finally untangled the mysteries of their reboot of THE MUMMY, as they've announced a new release date of June 9, 2017. Even more important, however, is that long-rumored star Tom Cruise has officially boarded the project.

Cruise is joined by the previously-announced Sofia Boutella, the very agile breakout star of KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE. Boutella (pictured below) will be playing the titular villain, in what should be a unique vision for the character. Let's face it, Boris Karloff she is not.

We don't know much about the plot, other than it's set in the present day and Cruise's character is allegedly a former Navy SEAL who has "a history" with the monster in question. Wonder just what kind of history that could be...

Alex Kurtzman is directing and producing the film, which is part of Universal's massive plan to creature a shared universe with their "Classic Monsters" characters. PROMETHEUS co-writer Jon Spaihts is churning out the current draft of the screenplay.

Extra Tidbit: Does Cruise's involvement make you any more - or less - interested in THE MUMMY?
Source: Variety



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