Awfully creepy shite goes down in a garage in this new Paranormal Activity 4 clip

I've only seen a single headline so far pertaining to a review of PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4...and you know what, it didn't sound too good at all. That said, the 4th franchise installment lights up screens this weekend, no doubt set to make a cool $15-20 million in its opening frame. If you further want to know how this one will differentiate, cop a peek at some creepy shite going down in a garage via the new clip below!

P.A. 3 and CATFISH helmers Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman are back in the chair this time around, which, if the negative word of mouth on the film persists, could seem a bit troubling. Part 3 is hailed by many as the strongest of the series, so a step back from the same filmmakers could leave the future of the franchise in question. Still, money talks, so if part 4 grosses handsomely, part 5 will no doubt come out in the third week of next October. A new director perhaps?

With Katie Featherston (below), Kathryn Newton and Matt Shively - P.A. 4 drops October 19th.

Extra Tidbit: Think this blond chick gets dead or what?
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