Blumhouse and Amazon team for eight thematically connected features

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Jason Blum's company Blumhouse is set to continue its reign as the current top producer of genre projects, having just closed a deal with Amazon Studios to produce a series of eight thriller features. The films will be released through the Amazon Prime Video service, which reaches over 200 territories around the world.

Jennifer Salke, Head of Amazon Studios, said this about the collaboration with Blumhouse,: 

Jason Blum has built an empire based on fear, shock and all things spinetingling. He has redefined the horror genre for fans who are hungry for high concept scares. Whether it's found footage, a socially conscious terror comedy or a pure sinister adrenaline ride, he reinvented and infused the genre with cultural relevancy. We can't wait to see the nightmares he brings direct to service for our Prime Video global audience."

Blum added, 

We are delighted Amazon is entrusting Blumhouse to deliver its signature thrills and chills to its global audience through this deal. This is a great opportunity for Blumhouse Television to empower underrepresented filmmakers offering a fresh take on the dark genres loved by fans the world over."

While it's already cool to know that we'll be getting eight new Blumhouse movies through Amazon Prime, this project is made even more interesting by the fact that the movies are going to be connected in some way - not through story or characters, but through theme.

Blumhouse is already doing something like that with their Hulu series Into the Dark, which will consist of twelve features connected by the theme of holidays. One movie is released each month and is somehow related to a holiday that occurs during that month. For example, the first two Into the Dark features, released in October and November, were set around Halloween and Thanksgiving.

It will be interesting to find out what theme will tie the Amazon movies together.

Blumhouse's most recent theatrical release was the very successful new HALLOWEEN sequel (pictured above).

Source: Deadline



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