Blumhouse announces Unfriended: Dark Web release date

At this year's SXSW film festival, Blumhouse "surprised" the crowd and the world by unveiling their secret sequel to their hit teen found footage flick UNFRIENDED. I was a fan of the original film, so I'm looking forward to checking out this sequel for myself. But just when the hell will that be?

Well, today Blumhouse took to Twitter to let us all know that UNFRIENDED: DARK WEB will be hitting theaters July 20th. Which is all well and good, but when do you think we'll see a trailer, Blumhouse? I mean there has still only been one official image released from the film (see above and on every article relating to the film).

Urgh, whatever. I need to practice a bit more patience so I guess this is a good enough place to start. Hopefully, the movie will be worth waiting for and the fact that it was recently slapped with an R rating via the MPAA for "some disturbing violence, language, and sexual references" is a good start.

We still don't know too much about the film other than it stars Colin Woodell, Betty Gabriel, Stephanie Nogueras, Rebecca Rittenhouse, Andrew Lees, Connor Del Rio, and Savira Windyani. And it begins:

When a 20-something finds a cache of hidden files on his new laptop, he is thrust into the deep waters of the dark web.

We also know the film is produced by Timur Bekmambetov and Jason Blum. And Adam Sidman, Couper Samuelson, and Nelson Greaves are executive producers, but that's about it. Okay, so that's actually quite a bit of info, but still, no trailer? No other stills? This adds up to one mysterious movie if you ask me.

I guess we'll find out all we need to know, and more, when the film hits July 20th.

Extra Tidbit: What did you think of the first film?
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