Blumhouse releases three new flicks onto Netflix

Today, Blumhouse has performed its near-annual Netflix dump, in which the films they produced that weren't quite hefty enough to go theatrical get sloughed onto the streaming service with next to no warning. This is not always a death sentence. Though they may not be the best films the company has to offer, some of the flicks that have gotten this treatment have been extremely well-received by fans in the past. Here's what's arriving at a computer near you!

CURVE, a highway thriller starring Teddy Sears and Julianne Hough.

CURVE follows a young bride-to-be who is trapped in her overturned car off a deserted highway after deliberately crashing it in an attempt to escape a charming, predatory hitchhiker.

VISIONS, Kevin Greutert's supernatural thriller starring Isla Fisher, Jim Parsons, Anson Mount, Gillian Jacobs, and Eva Longoria.

Leaving her hectic city lifestyle behind, young mother-to-be Julia joins her husband David at their beautiful new vineyard home only to plagued by strange noises and visions of a sinister hooded figure. No one else hears or sees these hallucinations, not even David, who grows increasingly worried about his wife's well-being. Desperate to prove her sanity, Julia hunts down a local medium who reveals the haunted history of the vineyard in which she now resides. As she desperately pieces together past events to keep a future horror from occurring, Julia uncovers a dark conspiracy that puts her life and the life of her unborn child at risk.

THE VEIL, starring Thomas Jane, Jessica Alba, and Lily Rabe. This is the most surprisingly high profile release of the three, having just nabbed a February VOD release.

THE VEIL takes place 25 years after a mass suicide conducted by a charismatic cult leader and follows the lone survivor who goes with a director and her documentary crew to find out what really happened that day. What they discover goes beyond cult behavior and delves into the supernatural.

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