Blumhouse thrillers Mockingbird, Mercy, Not Safe for Work hitting DVD soon

Blumhouse Productions puts out a lot of movies, this we know. Some make it to the big screen, some... well, they get a bit dumped. Look at the cases of Joe Johnston's NOT SAFE FOR WORK, Peter Cornwell's MERCY, Bryan Bertino's MOCKINGBIRD and Joe Carnahan's STRETCH: all were high-profile when initially announced, all were summarily dropped on VOD with little fanfare. (Other than the announcement Blumhouse had forged a new company, Blumhouse Tilt, for these very occasions.) Still, they're all intriguing titles, and while you can check them out on Netflix right now if you were so inclined, those without a subscription only have to wait a few weeks to see them on DVD.

Universal Studios Home Entertainment will be releasing all four aforementioned titles on home video November 25th. Just in time for Thanksgiving! We have a few of the covers for you below, but right now no special features to share.

Don't forget that another Blumhouse VOD special, JESSABELLE, comes out this Friday, November 7th, while THE TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN is already on cable after a brief VOD run.

Mercy DVD Blumhouse Productions Peter Cornwell

Mockingbird Bryan Bertino DVD Jason Blum Blumhouse Productions

Stretch DVD Jason Blum Blumhouse Productions Joe Carnahan



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