Boyd Holbrook replaces Benicio del Toro in The Predator

Boyd Holbrook

Just recently revealed to be playing the comic book character Pierce in the upcoming X-MEN / WOLVERINE film LOGAN, Boyd Holbrook is now moving on from that 20th Century Fox event picture to another event picture the studio has in the works, director Shane Black's THE PREDATOR.

Holbrook will be filling the same role that Benicio del Toro was said to be in talks for last month. Scheduling issues prevented del Toro from being able to do the film, possibly because the project isn't currently filming, as it was intended to be, with the start of production having been pushed back to an unspecified 2017 date.

Probably best known for appearing on the Netflix series Narcos, Holbrook made his screen debut in the 2008 Gus Van Sant film MILK and has racked up an impressive résumé over the years leading up to LOGAN and THE PREDATOR, his credits including the Hatfields & McCoys mini-series, A WALK AMONG THE TOMBSTONES, GONE GIRL, RUN ALL NIGHT, JANE GOT A GUN, and MORGAN.

Despite his accomplishments, I'm not that familiar with Holbrook. I've seen some of the movies he's in and have been meaning to catch up on more of them, but only vaguely remember him as his troubled A WALK AMONG THE TOMBSTONES character. I didn't know his name before, but he definitely has my attention now.

Written by Black and Fred Dekker, the writers behind the 1987 cult classic THE MONSTER SQUAD, THE PREDATOR is an "inventive sequel" to the PREDATOR franchise. The film is scheduled to reach theatres on February 9, 2018.

Boyd Holbrook

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