Boyd Holbrook to write and star in sci-fi thriller The Thirst

Boyd Holbrook

A lot of PREDATOR fans said they were underwhelmed when Boyd Holbrook signed on to star in the upcoming sequel THE PREDATOR, as they were expecting someone more high profile (like the originally attached Benicio Del Toro), and his role on the Netflix series Narcos hadn't made him a star for a lot of people just yet. This was before Holbrook turned up as a villain in LOGAN, but he's still not Arnold Schwarzenegger.

We still have six months to wait before we see how Holbrook does in THE PREDATOR, but he clearly made a positive impression on producer John Davis. During the production of THE PREDATOR, Holbrook and Davis went to Fox executive Matt Reilly to pitch an idea Holbrook had - an idea for a sci-fi action thriller that would 

take place in a world where water is scarce.

The title: THE THIRST.

Reilly went for the idea, and Holbrook is now in negotiations to write, star in, and executive produce THE THIRST, with Davis serving as producer.

While working on the screenplay for THE THIRST, Holbrook is also preparing to star in the Jim Mickle film IN THE SHADOW OF THE MOON.

THE PREDATOR is scheduled to reach theatres on September 14th.

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