Brad Twigg is bringing a slasher to the woods for a Killer Campout

Filming has begun on KILLER CAMPOUT, an '80s slasher throwback being directed by Brad Twigg (MILFS VS. ZOMBIES) from a screenplay by Matt Hill.

The story will sound sort of familiar to anyone who's a fan of those slashers from three decades ago:

Two youth counselors bring a group of emotionally troubled teens deep into the woods for a weekend of solitude and confrontational therapy. The trip turns deadly when the group is terrorized by a cannibalistic hermit with a thirst for blood.

Jesse L. Green has been cast as the character who puts the "killer" in this KILLER CAMPOUT. His co-stars and potential victims include Jason Crowe, Brittany Blanton, Bradley Creanzo, Julio Fernandez, Mariana Triantos, Joseph McCaughtry, Nadia White, Luba Hansen, Andie Hall, Andrea Marie, Solon Tsangaras, Chris O'Brocki, Erica Jones, Alex Neumeier, Rick Jermain, Jenny Jannetty, David Phillip Carollo, Lindsay Lockhart, and indie genre legends George Stover and James L. Edwards. There could be a lot of dead bodies in this.

Some cool, retro-style artwork has been put together to promote the movie. Examples can be seen below, along with a couple shots of the killer wielding his trademark weapon, an axe that he fashions out of scrap metal.

'80s slashers are among my favorite things, so I always like to hear that filmmakers are attempting to do something in that style, and I'm always hopeful that they'll be able to live up to their predecessors. KILLER CAMPOUT is one I will definitely be keeping my eye on.

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