Bret Easton Ellis, Catherine Hardwicke & more bring monsters to high-school in "Copeland Prep"

High-school kids as monsters? There a metaphor in there?

Whatever the case, THR has it that a weird pact between Catherine Hardwicke, Bret Easton Ellis, Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage (the latter trio of Fake Empire) has been struck to bring "Copeland Prep" to the CW. The new series, sure to skew younger (though I know Ammon will watch), already has a pilot ordered by the network.

The hour long drama revolves around a premier secondary school in the nation that's so fiercely competitive that it's turning its students into monsters -- literally -- and spreading the disturbing ramifications throughout the town.

A fun setup I suppose, but on the CW? Has anything with actual bite ever been housed there? Seems a network for the TWILIGHT crowd, which makes Hardwicke's inclusion a no brainer. I guess I'm still hoping the voice who gave us AMERICAN PSYCHO has something original to say. After-all, he's writing the script for "Copeland Prep." Coupled with the ever increasing intensity of genre TV, why not make the show a balls to the wall horror show. I'd watch that, no matter the network!

Next comes casting...

Extra Tidbit: Vicky Justice (above) stars in Schwartz's FUN SIZE.
Source: THR



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