British actor David Morrissey to play The Governor in season 3 of "The Walking Dead"

I think now is the right time to lend my apologies to Greg Nicotero and "The Walking Dead" crew. I know it's early, but so far you've redeemed yourself in the second-half of season two. Well done.

Now on to the news of the day. AMC has announced that British actor David Morrissey (THE REAPING, BLITZ, seen above) will portray The Governor in season three of the hit-zombie show. For those familiar with the graphic novel, The Governor is a formidable character not to be trifled with.

Specifically: The Governor, a character from Robert Kirkman's graphic novel, is the leader of Woodbury, a small settlement of survivors, and becomes the chief antagonist for Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his group.

So there you have it. Looks like Rick and the gang will have another human foe. My guess is Hershel will then be dispatched by this season's end. Scott Wilson is a good actor though, as is Jon Bernthal (Shane) and Jeffrey DeMunn (Dale). Much of the dialogue they're given wouldn't indicate that though, as the show has, out of budgetary necessity, become more of a talky-than-showy series. Maybe this Governor cat will give the show a fresh voice.

Lauren Cohan plays Maggie in "TWD"

Extra Tidbit: You stoked The Governor is appearing in season 3? You like this Morrissey cat as the guy?
Source: AMC



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