British slasher Clownface begins filming later this year

Abigail Wisdom

Horror icon Kane Hodder is the "star guest" at this July's Swansea Horror Con in Wales, and what better place could there be to debut a slasher short than at a convention where the man who played Jason Voorhees four times and Victor Crowley three times is being honored?

The slasher short I speak of is writer/director Alex Bourne's CLOWNFACE, which shows what happens when 

a deranged serial killer known as "Clownface" terrorises the residents of a small town.

As the short's premiere approaches, it has been announced that it is a precursor to a CLOWNFACE feature film that Bourne and producer Mark Adams plan to have in production in late 2017.

Dani Tonks, Hannah Douglas, Phil Bailey, and Tom Loone star in the short film. So far the only cast member announced for the feature is actress Abigail Wisdom (pictured above).

I'm always glad to see another slasher heading into production, and this Clownface seems like an interesting fellow. It's a nice touch that he doesn't just wear makeup, but appears to have made his "clown face" from someone else's skin.

I'll be keeping an eye on CLOWNFACE as it continues to come together.

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