Brothers find bloody salvation in Circus of Dread, now in development

As far as I'm concerned, every circus is filled with dread... but this one might be even more fearsome than most.

CIRCUS OF DREAD, from Aussie director Mark Savage, is now in active development at CineNature, an international production company with interests in US, Japan & Australian film production.

Plot is mostly being kept under wraps, but it's apparently heavily influenced by Tod Browning's highly unnerving FREAKS. Here's what we know: Two brothers - one a priest, one a career criminal - find bloody salvation in a mysterious underground carnival.

Bill Oberst Jr. and international genre star Domiziano Arcangeli will star as the brothers.

Oberst Jr. had this to say: "Mark Savage's script is brutal, explicit and disturbing; yet it is a story of salvation. I'm convinced that if Mark can film what he has written, Circus Of Dread will be a film that fans of horror and of artistic cinema will be talking about for decades. This is graphic material and the film will be controversial but he wants to make it a work that generates universal emotions. My favorite Mark Savage quote is 'despite appearances, we are all of the human race.' "

Definitely sounds promising; we'll keep you posted as we learn more information...

Now THIS kind of clown I can deal with...

Extra Tidbit: How do you feel about circuses?
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