Cast members show their faces in new poster for Travis Romero's thriller Treachery

Early summertime marked our last TREACHERY update, you know, the cool looking thriller starring Michael Biehn and Sarah Butler (below). Well, here we are with a new poster for the flick, similar to a previous one, with the addition of the cast member's mugs plastered on the bottom. Even in repeat, it's the main one is still a pretty creepy image.

Also featuring Caitlin Keats, Matthew Ziff, Chris Meyer, Richard Gunn and Jennifer Blanc-Biehn:

TREACHERY captures the controversy between Henry and his estranged son, Nathan. Reunited at a friend’s small wedding party, in a remote cabin, Henry and Nathan have their usual awkward interactions. Nathan, accompanied by his girlfriend Cecilia, seeks his father's approval. Cecilia's presence only adds to Henry's discomfort, forcing him to want to leave, but a storm hits, trapping them in the cabin and headed for the worst along with the rest of the group. None of them really realize what is truly in store.

We're still awaiting a release announcement.

Extra Tidbit: This poster more effective than the first?
Source: IMP



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