Check in and see the first still from Bates Motel

My God, could horror television be going stronger? It seems like we're getting more TV news than we are feature news these days. Continuing that theme, we finally have our first glimpse of A&E's BATES MOTEL below.

The still doesn't look half bad-- Vera Farmiga is typically gorgeous, even with a crazy look in her eye. Freddie Highmore appears to be a fitting young successor to Anthony Perkins as a young Norman Bates. Best of all-- the Bates homestead is looming ominously in the background.

The PSYCHO series' showrunners, Carlton Cuse and Kerry Ehrin, have also revealed the scope of the series will not just be limited to the trials and tribulations of the Bates family:...the series won't be limited just to what occurs in the rooms (and showers) of the motel:"The town itself is very much a character in the show," Cuse says. "There are a lot of secrets that lurk beneath this bucolic veneer."

The show premieres next spring on A&E. Enjoy the still (and the beautiful Vera Farmiga) below.

Extra Tidbit: Just a reminder-- this is not Universal's first crack at a BATES MOTEL property. A made-for-TV movie starring Bud Cort aired on NBC in 1987 as a sequel to the film series.
Source: EW



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