Check out the haunting trailer for Indonesian horror flick Danur

Danur Indonesia Awi Suryadi

Indonesian horror has been killing it lately. There aren't really many films from that market that cross over to the States, but just last year we got the bizarre chiller BASKIN, and we're already facing another nightmare from the region: DANUR. This chilling supernatural tale is an intimate, stirring portrayal of a lonely little girl that looks like PAN'S LABYRINTH crossed with THE CHANGELING. Plus, it has some of the coolest subtitles I've ever seen. I didn't even know you could do anything interesting with that medium. Check out the trailer below!

Little Risa is lonely. Her father is working in a foreign country and her mother is kept busy between taking care of her sick grandmother in the hospital and her job as a public servant. So Little Risa is spending her school holiday mostly alone in her grandmother's big house. When her mother misses her 8th birthday, Little Risa wishes for a friend. As soon as she blows the candle, she hears a little boy singing...

DANUR comes from the twisted mind of director Awi Suryadi (BADOET).

Extra Tidbit: Have you ever been to Indonesia?



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