Christina Ricci, John Cusack, and Brendan Fletcher get Distorted

Christina Ricci

Production is set to begin next Sunday on DISTORTED, a thriller starring Christina Ricci, John Cusack, and Brendan Fletcher.

The names of those three leads are all I needed to know to realize that DISTORTED is a project that I should keep an eye on, but here is some more information: The film is set to be directed by Rob W. King from a screenplay by Arne Olsen. Ricci will be playing 

Lauren Curran, an artist who suffers from bi-polar disorder and who is recovering from a devastating personal tragedy—the loss of a child. Plagued by disturbing memories and fears for her own safety, Lauren and her devoted husband Russel decide to move from a perilous neighborhood, to the luxurious, safe and beautiful surroundings of The Pinnacle, an apartment building that boasts ultra modern design features and integrated security systems. But Lauren begins to suspect the building has a dark side to it. She seeks the help of Vernon Sarsfield, a phantom-like investigative journalist whose interest is cyber conspiracy. Together, they begin to suspect The Pinnacle’s mysterious owner may be using the building’s state-of-the-art control systems to subliminally subjugate its unsuspecting residents.

The extremely prolific Fletcher will be playing the husband character, with Cusack as the "phantom-like" journalist. And I can't wait to watch Cusack be "phantom-like".

A Minds Eye Entertainment production, in association with Bridgegate Pictures and Invico Capital, DISTORTED will be filming in Kelowna and Vernon, British Columbia.

The film will be shot for exhibition in Barco Escape threatres - three-screen, panoramic theatres that offer an immersive cinema experience - and there will also be some kind of virtual reality component.

Extra Tidbit: How does DISTORTED sound to you?



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