Clive Barker announces his long-awaited novel The Scarlet Gospels is complete

I can't deny it: this next bit of news has me super stoked!

Earlier this morning Clive Barker took to his Facebook page to share that his long-awaited Harry D'Amour/Pinhead crossover novel "The Scarlet Gospels" is finished and in the hands of his agent. Our last update on the novel came back in October of last year when Barker shared his plans to finish the final "Abarat" novel before putting the finishing touches on "The Scarlet Gospels", which led us to believe that we were still a few years from seeing the book in print, but now Barker has let it be known that we may be seeing the 'end of Pinhead' sooner than we expected.

From Barker's Facebook page:

As an avid fan of anything Clive Barker related, I am very excited to hear this news. Here's hoping we hear word of a publication date in the near future. We'll keep you posted on news regarding "The Scarlet Gospels" as we hear it.

I can not wait to see how Barker finally sends off Pinhead

Extra Tidbit: Are you a fan of Barker's writings? What is your favorite Barker novel?



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