Cool Horror Gear: Alien, Prometheus and Psycho posters from Mondo

Mondo just announced the sale of a few gorgeous prints from artists Martin Ansin and Kevin Tong who have become a couple of their go-to guys when it comes to bringing films to life in the form of a stunning poster. This time around Ansin was given the tough task of creating a piece for Ridley Scott's ALIEN as well as PROMETHEUS. I really dig the look of both of them, but I particularly like the ALIEN print because of all the little details, and he absolutely nailed the menacing look of the Xenomorph. Great stuff!

Next up, we have Kevin Tong's poster for Alfred Hitchcock's 1960 classic PSYCHO and it's a hell of a piece. I don't know what it is about Mondo and their Hitchcock posters, but it seems as if the artists always bring their very best to the table when it comes to his films. What's so great about Tong's poster is how it holds onto the spirit of the film by breaking up the famous shower scene into multiple shots. It's a very cool touch that I think fans of PSYCHO are really going to appreciate.

As with all of Mondo's sales, you'll have to follow them on Twitter for the sale announcement which will be at a random time tomorrow, Thursday, March 20th. Check 'em out!

Extra Tidbit: Which one is your favorite and why?
Source: Mondo



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