Cool Horror Gear: Exact replica of the Hellraiser Lament Configuration

If you're a HELLRAISER fan who would like to own an exact replica of the Lament Configuration, now is your chance, but you'll need to act fast, and you'll need to have a good chunk of spending cash in your pocket.

On his official website, RealCliveBarker.com, HELLRAISER creator Clive Barker is offering replicas of a Lament puzzle box that has been in his personal collection for over twenty-five years. The replicas are available for pre-order until January 1, 2016... or until the maximum number of 87 orders is reached.

87 is an incredibly limited supply, but it's an appropriate number, since the original HELLRAISER was released in 1987.

It's likely that the only reason these replicas of the Cenobite-summoning box didn't sell out immediately is the price. The Lament Configuration will set you back $450. 

If you really want it but the price makes you hesitate, take into consideration that the site says this item will never be made available again.

The replicas are 

Painstakingly molded as one unit, cast in resin and hand painted to preserve the look and patina of the piece.

Each Lament Configuration is assembled in-house, onto a custom-made base and comes numbered with a Certificate of Authenticity. 

These preservation replicas are hand-made by professional makeup and special effects artists Cris Alex and Stephen Imhoff.

The Lament Configuration will be shipping out to 87 lucky fans who have $450 to spare in February of 2016. Me, I'll be sticking with the plastic puzzle box I got twenty years ago.

Extra Tidbit: Will you be buying a Lament replica?
Source: RealCliveBarker



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