Cool Horror Gear: ReAction Jaws & Gremlins figures from Funko

Funko has graced us once again with another fantastic line of ReAction figures, but this time they’re introducing us to a couple of horror classics in JAWS and GREMLINS! Read on for all the goods and a look at what Funko has in store this June!

Our Billy Peltzer figure goes toe-to-toe with the likes of both Mogwai and Gremlin versions of Stripe and Gizmo, who come in a variety of packs featuring tons of accessories! Gizmo is paired with Barney the family dog, a trumpet, and candy cane! Christmas Gizmo comes wearing a Santa hat and a keyboard! Mogwai Stripe comes with a computer while Gremlin Stripe bears a chainsaw! Not to mention the gun-brandishing Bandit Gremlin and Cinema Gremlin with movie popcorn! Just don’t ever feed them after midnight!

We’re going to need a bigger box! Our Jaws ReAction line contains Amity’s local police chief Martin Brody, professional shark hunter Quint, and Matt Hooper, a marine biologist. You’ll also find a super-sized Great White Shark figure, too!

Head over to Funko's website for more info on these guys!

Extra Tidbit: Are you going to pick any of these up?
Source: Funko



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