Cool Horror Videos: 24 Reasons It Follows & The Ring are the same movie

While I am a fan of IT FOLLOWS, I'd have to say, truthfully, when it comes down to it, I am a bigger fan of Gore Verbinski's 2001 remake of RINGU called, you know, THE RING. Now some peeps might trying to hate on me for saying this, but I'll just "don't care" my way out of that conversation right here and now. 

IT FOLLOWS is creepy, cool, and the closest flick in the vibe of John Carpenter's HALLOWEEN, since John Carpenter's HALLOWEEN. I just dig THE RING quite a bit more. THE RING is one of the very best visual horror movies of all time. It was freaky and gorgeous then, it is freaky and gorgeous now. God bless THE RING.

Now, if it is the cult of IT FOLLOWS you subscribe to, or the cult of THE RING (The Cult of The Ring... um... sequel...) this video should be plenty entertaining for either camp. While I do think there are more than a few "points" this video makes are kinda (total) B.S., I think it is fun as hell to watch how the two flicks editing syncs up in many places. If not so much their stories...

But that's half the fun of this video! Watch it and let us know if you think this is mere coincidence (it is) or a very elaborate rip-off (it isn't). "Rip-off?!?! THE RING is a remake! It is a complete rip-off in every fashion!" Yeah, yeah. Let's watch the video and discuss it afterwards.

Extra Tidbit: Which flick do you prefer: IT FOLLOWS or THE RING?
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