Cool Horror Videos: My Annabelle Creations winner The Nurse by Julian Terry

A month or so ago we shared the news that LIGHTS OUT and ANNABELLE: CREATION director David F. Sandberg was, along with Warner Bros. and director James Wan, hosting a short horror movie contest called MY ANNABELLE CREATIONS.

Below you can find the winning video of the contest, which is a pretty damn effective short flick fittingly called THE NURSE from filmmaker Julian Terry. Said short features, you guessed it, a nurse being ten-types of spooky.

On top of that, I told you guys that I was planning to enter the contest myself and just to prove I was not bullsh*tting, I have posted MY entry ("Don't Look Down") into the contest below as well.

Did you enter the MY ANNABELLE CREATIONS contest? Let us see your entry by posting links in the new comments section below or on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram!

Again you can find the winning submission below - along with my personal submission - and if those aren't enough for you guys then make sure to follow director David F. Sanberg on Twitter to see more of his favorites that didn't quite make the cut (mine hasn't even been included there... *sniffles*).

ANNABELLE: CREATION is now playing in theaters nationwide!

Extra Tidbit: Did you enter the contest?
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