Cool Horror Videos: Nathan Thomas Milliner's The Confession of Fred Krueger

A couple months ago, we shared the trailer for THE CONFESSION OF FRED KRUEGER, a short fan film written and directed by Nathan Thomas Milliner, the artist who frequently provides the cover art for Scream Factory DVD/Blu releases. Following a successful debut at last weekend's NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET-centric Horrorhound Weekend in Indianapolis, the entire short is now available to be viewed online and is embedded below.

CONFESSION is a prequel to the ELM STREET series, set on November 9, 1973. The day Springwood Slasher Fred Krueger was arrested for his crimes. As he is questioned about, and confesses to, the murders he has committed, flashbacks provide glimpses of the killer's back story.

I don't usually go for fan films, especially not ones that run for 30 minutes, but CONFESSION totally worked for me. The 30 minutes go by fast, the quality is impressive, and the performances by Kevin Roach and Thomas Dunbar are quite strong. This short entertained me more than some of the official ELM STREET movies. If you're a fan of Freddy and have 30 minutes to spare, give it a look:

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