Cool Horror Videos: Star Wars inspires horror in The Vampire Awakens

In 2005, director J.R.L. Jones and writer/producer J.A. Silvestro made the first in what would become a series of horror/comedy shorts centered on a group of characters known as the Killer Bikini Vampire Girls. It's been several years since the last installment in the KBVG series, but with this year being the tenth anniversary of the first short, Jones and Silvestro felt that the time was right to bring back the bikinied vampires.

In crafting the new story, Silvestro took inspiration from the then-upcoming STAR WARS - EPISODE VII: THE FORCE AWAKENS, even gleaning some details from a script that may or may not have been authentic. The short, entitled THE VAMPIRE AWAKENS, has been released online to coincide with the release of THE FORCE AWAKENS, and can now be viewed below.

Being one of the few people left on the planet who hasn't seen EPISODE VII yet, I can't speak to how similar story elements in THE VAMPIRE AWAKENS are to those in that film, but I did find this short to be an entertaining globe-trotting adventure with a bunch of fun references to well-known films even beyond STAR WARS.

When you have a chance to watch 20 minutes of pop culture references and scantily clad vampires, check out THE VAMPIRE AWAKENS:

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