Cool Horror Videos: The Making of Dead Shadows, starring John Fallon!

We've got a special treat for ya today with a new Cool Horror Video showcasing the making of David Cholewa's DEAD SHADOWS, the gory and fun French apocalyptic horror tale that stars our very own John Fallon!

Scream Factory released the film on Blu-ray last year but this cool look at the making of DEAD SHADOWS was not included in the list of bonus features (although it is on the French Blu-ray release). This fun featurette runs almost 6 minutes and gives you an inside look at some of the kickass effect work in DEAD SHADOWS as well as giving us a behind the scenes look at Cholewa and his crew hard at work making movie magic happen.

You can order the Scream Factory release of DEAD SHADOWS on Blu-ray right HERE.

Une journée sur le tournage de Dead Shadows from DCMEDIAS on Vimeo.

Extra Tidbit: Have you gotten around to checking out DEAD SHADOWS yet?
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