Could Bill Murray be down for Ghostbusters 3 after all?

The drama that's been going on betwen Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Ivan Reitman concerning the much talked about possibility of GHOSTBUSTERS 3 would probably make for a pretty enthralling movie in itself at this point. Harsh words were said, scripts were allegedly shredded and when it seemed all but dead certain that Murray was out of the picture, the actor decided to throw us yet another curveball. In this case, more literally than usual.

Speaking to WGNTV on mostly baseball related subjects, when asked about Ghostbusters 3, Murray responded:

"Well, it's a possibility".

While it's hardly something to get excited over, it's still worth noting that the actor didn't just flat out deny it was ever going to happen. Speaking on a purely personal level, while I don't think that another sequel to the 1984 classic is necessary, I would just like the creative folks involved to make up their minds one way or another. Oh well, looks like we might be hearing more on the story in the not-too-distant future. At least it's a good enough reason to post pictures like the one below.

Source: WGNTV



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