Dan Aykroyd is still working on a Ghostbusters 3 script

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Some of us might have thought that the release of the GHOSTBUSTERS remake a couple years ago would bring an end to the constant rumors of a GHOSTBUSTERS 3, but that is not the case, as Dan Aykroyd just revived those rumors last night during an appearance on the AXS TV show The Big Interview with Dan Rather.

While speaking with Rather, Aykroyd said that 

There is a possibility of a reunion with the three remaining Ghostbusters... It's being written right now."

Of course, we would have gotten a GHOSTBUSTERS 3 a long time ago if Aykroyd's co-star Bill Murray wasn't so reluctant to return for another sequel. Aykroyd apparently thinks Murray has been worn down enough, and the script is good enough, that he will agree to appear in the film now. He told Rather, 

I think Billy will come back. The story’s so good. Even if he plays a ghost."

This sounds very much like the same things Aykroyd has been saying about a GHOSTBUSTERS 3 for a couple decades now. What's very clear is that he is not a man who will ever let hope die.

We are in an era where sequels and remakes can be ignored while franchises continue to move forward, we just saw that happen with the latest HALLOWEEN sequel being a direct follow-up to the first HALLOWEEN, so sure, there is a chance that the GHOSTBUSTERS series could go on by catching up with the original team and not acknowledging the existence of the 2016 film. I just find it hard to believe that a GHOSTBUSTERS 3 will ever get made.

If it's going to happen, next year would be a good time for it to get rolling, as it marks the 35th anniversary of the first GHOSTBUSTERS and the 30th anniversary of GHOSTBUSTERS II.

Aykroyd, Murray, and Ernie Hudson are still around to be reunited. Sadly, fourth Ghostbuster Harold Ramis passed away in 2014.



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