Dania Ramirez takes on werewolves in Lycan

Lycan Bev Land Rebekah Graf

Actor Bev Land has made his feature directorial debut with the werewolf horror tale LYCAN, and he didn't need to conduct much of a search to find his leading lady - he cast his wife Dania Ramirez (pictured below), a veteran of such shows as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Heroes, and Devious Maids (with roles in films like X-MEN: THE LAST STAND, QUARANTINE, and PREMIUM RUSH along the way). 'Cause who could pass up the opportunity to have their wife fight werewolves?

Land wrote the screenplay for LYCAN with Michael Mordler, the pair working together to craft the story of 

six college kids in a sleepy Southern town who are assigned a group history project and head into the Georgia backwoods to uncover the truth about the hundred year old urban legend of Emily Burt, the "Talbot County Werewolf".

I like that they worked a reference to THE WOLF MAN in there with the name of the county.

Ramirez is joined in LYCAN by Gail O’Grady, Parker Croft, Vanessa Angel, Rebekah Graf (above), Kalia Prescot, Jake Lockett, Alina Puscau, and Craig Tate.

The North American distribution rights to the film are in the hands of MVD Entertainment Group and Parade Deck Films, who are planning to give it a theatrical release in select cities on August 4th. A digital and VOD release will follow later in the year.

Lycan Bev Land Dania Ramirez

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