Danny Trejo is an ass-kicking senior citizen in this Bad Ass trailer

Danny Trejo is almost 70-years-old. Let that sink in. Not easy to believe, right? It's especially hard to swallow when you see him laying waste to every dumb motherf*cker who dares step up to him; yes, I know the magic of the movies is partially responsible, but if Trejo doesn't look like a guy who could legitimately stomp your ass into the ground, I don't know who does.

He's at it again in Craig Moss' BAD ASS, which just received a new trailer (see it below). The flick is certainly playing up his status as a senior citizen, which makes it look like a blast. Plus, it's got Ron Perlman and Charles S. Dutton in the house. What more could you want?

Decorated Vietnam hero Frank Vega returns home only to get shunned by society leaving him without a job or his high school sweetheart. It's not until forty years later when an incident on a commuter bus (where he protects an elderly black man from a pair of skin heads) makes him a local hero where he's suddenly celebrated once again. But his good fortune suddenly turns for the worse when his best friend Klondike is murdered and the police aren't doing anything about it.

Check out the trailer in HD right HERE. BAD ASS comes out on APRIL 13th.

Extra Tidbit: Are you lookin' to get your ass handed to you by BAD ASS?
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