Darren Lynn Bousman heads to Cannes with Sacrilege

Red Sea has acquired the horror-thriller SACRILEGE, to be directed by Darren Lynn Bousman. The film will be produced by Rick Dugdale of Enderby Entertainment through Enderby’s horror division Tony-Seven Films, Sean E. DeMott through Execution Style Entertainment and Chris M. Bonifay through Limb from Limb Pictures.

In SACRILEGE, a family takes back their son 3 years after he is kidnapped & brainwashed by a devil worshiping cult – now, he would like nothing more than to watch them get murdered. With the cult surrounding their cabin, the family must fight for their lives while trying to undo the damage.  

Bousman's films are usually hit or miss for me but this one has a pretty wicked sounding story that might be pretty damn cool when it comes to life. We all know kids can be assholes — especially when their minds have been taken over by Satan worshipers!

No word on casting just yet but be sure to stick around as we'll keep you guys posted as things move along.

Extra Tidbit: What is your favorite film from Bousman?
Source: AITH



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