Darren Lynn Bousman wants to haunt you with The Tension Experience

Have you ever wanted to know what it's like to join a cult? Well, director Darren Lynn Bousman (SAW II, SAW III, SAW IV, REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA) has you covered. His newest project is The Tension Experience: Ascension, an immersive, two-hour theater event that will rattle you out of your senses.

Opening in Boyle Heights on September 8th, The Tension Experience that is part live theater, interactive escape room, and haunted house, and all spine-chilling. The plot revolves around joining a cult that quickly turns from welcoming to horrifying, but the worst part is... it's personalized.

Says Bousman:

Let’s say I know you’re scared of being alone and abandoned. You would begin to be contacted by a character who would talk about her being alone and abandoned. They make personal connections with people based on the answers [you] were giving us.

The 24-room haunt is the culmination of a long-running online alternate reality game called The Tension Experience, which details the work of the shady O.O.A. insititute. The experience requires you to sign a liability waiver, and the prompt before buying a ticket reads as follows:

Before deciding to move forward take a moment and reflect if you are truly ready. This is a door that, once opened, may never be closed again and the light you seek has blinded many stronger than you ...

This is serious business. For fans of adrenaline-soaked haunts, this is a must-visit. Me? I'll be cowering under my desk where Bousman can't get to me.

You can visit the official web site of The Tension Experience to learn more and buy tickets.

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Source: LA Times



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