Deadwax trailer searches for a cursed vinyl record

Deadwax Hannah Gross

I'm not a collector of vinyl records, but one of my favorite horror movies is 1986's TRICK OR TREAT, which is about a Satan-worshipping rock star who returns from the grave when his final record is played backward... So, thanks to my appreciation for TRICK OR TREAT, the trailer for the upcoming Shudder series Deadwax holds a lot of appeal for me, since this show is also about a cursed record.

Created by Graham Reznick, Deadwax stars Hannah Gross as Etta, 

a young woman who is pulled into a murder investigation revolving around a curious vinyl record which has driven those who possess it mad, and killed anyone who dared to listen to it.

Co-starring Ted Raimi, Deadwax consists of eight 15 minute episodes, all of which will be shown at Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas later this month.

According to the Fantastic Fest description, Deadwax is "peppered with '70s giallo-esque music and splashed with '80s-style gore", which makes it sound like a hell of a good time to me.

If you can't make it to Fantastic Fest, Deadwax will be available to view on the Shudder streaming service later this year.

Extra Tidbit: How does Deadwax look to you?
Source: SyfyFantastic Fest



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