Did you know there's a Warm Bodies prequel? Want to check it out?

Before it became a Hollywood movie, WARM BODIES was a hit novel by author Isaac Marion. Now, perfectly timed with the movie's release on February 1st, a prequel to the zombie comedy is about to be unleashed, titled THE NEW HUNGER via eBook publisher Zola Books. Running 140 pages, the book gives us a peek at the beginnings of the zombie plague seen in WARM BODIES, and EW has just released 13 pages for you to gnaw on.

First, here's the synopsis:

In THE NEW HUNGER, Isaac Marion's much-anticipated prequel to WARM BODIES, America has been devastated by natural disasters and governmental collapse, as well as the annoying problem of zombies trying to devour any survivors. But 16-year-old Nora and her younger brother Addis are about to discover the most frightening thing yet—being abandoned by their own parents.

As the siblings begin their harrowing journey to connect with anyone who isn’t looking to rob them or eat them, a 12-year-old girl named Julie is traveling in an SUV with her parents. She’s already seen her friends die and her school burn, and watched her father become nearly as cold and remorseless as the Dead. All she wants is to find a place she can call home, even if nothing will ever be the same.

Nearby, a man awakens in the woods, unsure of where, or who, he is. He struggles to remember the details of his life, but only a single letter comes to him. "R"…

Gobble up the new pages right HERE. The book will be unveiled on January 28th; check out the official site HERE.

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