Director follows The Ice Cream Truck with Hunting Season

The Ice Cream Truck Deanna Russo Megan Freels Johnston

Megan Freels Johnston, writer/director of last year's suburban slasher THE ICE CREAM TRUCK, is staying in the genre for her next feature, the survival-horror film HUNTING SEASON.

Set to star Deanna Russo, who gave an excellent performance in THE ICE CREAM TRUCK, HUNTING SEASON is 

the chilling story of a single girl whose weekend getaway with her dashing new boyfriend at his family’s hunting lodge puts her directly in their crosshairs. When she goes dark, her roommate tracks her to the lion’s den  —just in time for dinner.

Not everything was as it seemed in THE ICE CREAM TRUCK, and in my review of the film I questioned how necessary the horror elements actually were. Johnston has said that HUNTING SEASON is a more straightforward horror story, which goes along with the plot description, as this sounds like a good set-up for some thrills.

In addition to directing the film from her own screenplay, Johnston is also producing it with YuMee Jang.

We'll keep you updated on HUNTING SEASON as the project continues to move forward. Filming is expected to take place later this year.

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