Don Mancini teases Chucky's return in Child's Play: The TV Series

Way back in February we passed along the HUGE news that Don Mancini was working on bringing his little-redheaded creation Chucky to the small screen via an all-new CHILD'S PLAY TV SERIES. And since then, word has been (mostly) mum on the potential series - until today that is. Today Mancini took to Twitter to tease all of us Chucky fans with a motion banner poster of sorts reading CHILD'S PLAY: THE TV SERIES. You can check out the post below for confirmation.

Now this may not mean much more than Mancini is excited about the potential upcoming series - and knows his way around After Effects. But on the more optimistic side of the killer coin, this could very well mean that we will be getting an announcement soon that someone (Netflix, maybe?) has picked up the series.

Of course, like all the rest of you out there, I'm hoping the latter is the case as I think Chucky will make a f*cking terrific transfer to the small screen. After all, there are so many classic characters in the series now that Mancini is going to have trouble balancing all of them if another 90-minute movie is all we get from the franchise.

Keep your fingers crossed and we will let you know as soon as we hear more on Don Mancini's potential CHILD'S PLAY: THE TV SERIES! Until then, you can always watch CULT OF CHUCKY again over on Netflix, which sounds like a fun night to me, even though I've watched it at least 5 times by this point. Short-haired Chucky is my new favorite thing, and I hope he returns for the series.

Extra Tidbit: How f*cking excited are YOU for CHILD'S PLAY: THE TV SERIES?
Source: Twitter



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